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Welcome to Stefco Enterprises 


We are a real estate development company with a strong commitment to developing high-quality, innovative and award-winning multi-residential and mixed use properties. We manage several residential apartments for rent in the Greater Moncton and Shediac areas as well as some commercial space in the heart of our downtowns and warehouse storage. You’re sure to find the perfect space in the perfect place to suit your needs.


Founded by Stephane Boudreau and established in 2002, based out of Dieppe, NB, Stefco Enterprises has grown into a significant real estate development and property management company in the area. 


We create, imagine, fund, control and orchestrate the process of development from beginning to end.


Our expertise in real estate development and property management has helped us forge a place in the real estate market of the region.


In most cases, our projects involve the purchase of land, the determination of the marketing of the property, the development of the building program and design, the necessary public approval, the financing, and finally the building of the structure. Other times, we renovate existing buildings into amazing projects.


In both cases, we end up managing our own buildings including the maintenance, the rent collection, dealing with the evictions and more.


In our most fundamental role, Stefco Enterprises serves as an intermediary between the construction companies that builds the buildings and the tenants or businesses that uses us.


First and foremost, we are visionaries; we look years and even decades beyond today’s work to determine what building will be needed and where. At our finest, we are entrepreneurs who seek out opportunity and drive it to reality, and in the process grow our communities. 


We strive to give the best service to our clients with an amazing level of professionalism and integrity. With Stephane’s desire to exceed expectations and his attention to detail, you will surely see where quality meets luxury.


Browse our website and map to locate and view our properties, to contact us as well as learn more about us and our future projects.

Our Team


Stephane Boudreau - Owner & President
Nicole Fougère - Administration
Eric L'Italien - Maintenance 
Rachel Gallant - Controller 
Laura Brine - Housekeeping
Ulysse Goguen - Maintenance


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